Covid forces late change to Melbourne conference venue

The government says that we must live with Covid normal but normal cannot include snap closures of businesses and borders.

These destroy lives and livelihoods, such as the disaster of the last Victorian snap lockdown which was totally unnecessary and over Valentine’s Day weekend causing so many Sunday restaurants and other venues such huge losses and so much wastage.

All of this makes you want to stop reading the news, as too much of this and everything else that is happening here and overseas can surely lead to depression and as it feels that we are confronted with bad news day after day.

However, in the transport industry we have had we two great stories lately with the launch of the Mack Anthem and the 50th anniversary of the manufacture of Kenworth trucks in Australia, cause for huge celebrations.

At Transport Women Australia Limited, we have had to move the Driving the Difference conference due to the Mantra Epping being requisitioned for quarantine purposes, we had worked with them for over a year, and they had been fantastic, so we were upset when they delivered this news.

We are fortunate to find two hotels that could hold the conference on the same dates that we had already advertised but one could not host the SafeT360 truck, we are disappointed not to be working with them after they were so efficient and gracious when providing a quote and a tour of their premises.

We are delighted to be hosting the conference at the Hyatt Place Melbourne, at 1 English Street, Essendon Fields, and are looking forward to seeing everyone there. It is a stunning venue and is sure to be an outstanding event.

We have all our speakers in place, and we look forward to hearing their presentations, we are excited to be hosting the ATA Safety Initiative, the SafeT360 track and we have some other surprises in store for the attendees.

I was honoured to speak at the ARTIO Women in Transport breakfast in Sydney recently during which we said farewell to Hugh McMaster as he entered his retirement after 13 years as secretary of the ARTIO, we look forward to catching up again with Hugh in his retirement.

April is looking busy as we have the fifth episode of the Driving the Difference show to record, I am speaking at the Southern Monaro Heavy Vehicle Forum and a couple of other commitments.

In May, Transport Women Australia Limited is appearing at the Aerotropolis, E-commerce, Transport & Logistics Forum in Sydney, then Coralie will be hosting the breakfast at the Brisbane Truck Show just prior to our conference.

To book for the conference go to the following link, https://www.trybooking.com/BNXOP  all are invited to attend – remember that we welcome all genders and members consist of males and females, as do our speakers. We welcome everybody.

If you cannot attend the entire conference, there are options, and you can see these on the trybookings. Any queries please contact me  chair@transportwomen.com.au or 0417422319.

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