Motorist parks in Wollongong arrester bed to walk his dog

arrester bed

Just when you thought you’d seen every idiotic move by motorists.

The NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol issued a Facebook warning to other drivers yesterday after encountering this white Mitsubishi Mirage in the safety ramp at the bottom of Mount Ousley Road, Wollongong.

This was the exact spot where a truckie in trouble was forced to head on March 28, only to overshoot the arrester bed and roll his truck. Luckily, he walked away with only minor injuries.

The safety ramp was the scene of a rollover just a few days earlier.

Police attempted to locate the car driver as they were concerned for their welfare, but they weren’t with their vehicle.

A canvass of the area located the driver in the nearby bushland walking their dog, and revealed that they had deliberately parked their vehicle in the middle of the safety ramp to do so.

The driver stated that they did not see any signs stating they could not park there. The driver was directed to immediately move the vehicle, and will be issued with an infringement notice.

“Please remember Safety Ramps are there for a specific purpose,” police wrote on Facebook.

“They are not designed for picnics, rest stops, or walking your pets.”

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