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A bumper grain season

Driving a schmick Vaucluse Agricultural’s 2009 Western Star Constellation with a 550 Series 60 Cummins up front, and towing a tri-axle tipper, Blue Perkins stopped for a chat.

“The company have their own property of about 11,000 acres and we basically cart our own freight around, in this case it’s grain and we have plenty of that to move this year owing to an exceptionally good season and substantial opening rains,” he said.

“I’ve been with them now for about 20 years and they are a good outfit to work for, and I reckon it’s a great job as I enjoy being outdoors and all the variety as well.

“I reckon I’d better get on my way now though as there is rain coming and I’d like to do this delivery and then get home and clean up before it gets here.”

We asked him how he spent his time off and he told us, “All the usual family stuff, and a bit of hunting when I get time.”

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