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Over three decades of service

On our way north from Hobart recently we dropped into the Halfway Café at Campbelltown to grab some of their excellent home-cooked tucker.

It was very welcome too after a considerable delay at Tunbridge for the seemingly endless road works there. We also caught up with Tom Miller from Youngtown, when he also dropped in for a bite to eat.

He was driving a neat Les Walkden’s 1997 FR Isuzu service vehicle and he was on his return leg to Launceston from Campbelltown after tending to a bit of maintenance there.

Miller has been with Walkden’s for 30 years plus now. “I think everyone knows what a top outfit they are, they are certainly great people to work for, and run good gear and keep the maintenance up, which means I am happily always busy.

“It’s a good job and I get plenty of variety and work all over the place which is good too. Being a large outfit our main problem nowadays is getting good young drivers, with adequate training, into the job.”

“In fact, Les is happily an innovator, and he is well known for his efforts to train young people and get them into the Industry.”

We asked about his time off and he said, “I’ve got a small farm where I breed cattle, and that pretty well takes care of any free time. I’d also like to give the Halfway Café a plug.

“The tucker and coffee are always great, and they are open long hours. If she’s there Janine will generally open up and make you a coffee from about 3am.”

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