Wooden Mack Superliner meets its match

The auction is now live for this hand-crafted wooden Mack Superliner and to celebrate, it came face to face with the real deal as part of the Mack Evolution Tour.

The tour, which began in January and is set to wrap up in May, sees five new Macks – comprised of three Anthems, a Super-Liner and a Trident – travel to dealerships right around Australia.

Big Rigs recently reported on the wooden truck, which was built by ex-truckie John Wilson over the course of around 20 years. He put 400-500 hours into building the 1.85 metre long, 29kg model truck and trailer.

Wilson worked as a truckie and then a mechanic during the 1970s and 1980s, before going on to become an industrial technology teacher – though he’s now retired.

When he heard that the Mack Evolution Tour was coming his way, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see his handywork up close with a new Mack Superliner.

Wilson visited the Southern Truck Centre in Wollongong with his wooden Mack in tow and was excited to hear that the new Macks were due to stop by,” he said.

“I took the wooden truck down to show them and get some photos in front of the big bulldog and found out they were having some new trucks come through, so I went back. They make the wooden truck look pretty small, which it is by comparison.”

While there, the wooden Mack captured lots of attention. “First one or two people came out to see it, then a few more and a few more,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s father was a carpenter and he enjoyed woodwork too. After seeing a photo of a wooden truck, he was inspired to craft his own.

The truck features a handmade cast aluminium bulldog on its bonnet and the trailer opens on one side. “The trailer opens on the right to become a platform that could be a small writing desk or a display space for smaller models. The platform is supported by slide out rails and drop down legs that are concealed in the chassis when stowed. The wheels are all individually turned, and the front wheel steering operates though it’s not connected to the steering wheel,” explained Wilson.

With the wooden truck now up for auction and bidding open, Wilson said he hopes to donate part of the proceeds from its sale to Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds, a mental health initiative for truck drivers and related warehouse workers.

For more information about the truck and to bid, please click here.

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