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No more polishing alloy wheels

In 2021 Superchrome Pty Ltd celebrates 25 years of chroming steel wheels and 20 years of chroming alloy wheels for the truck, trailer and bus markets.

Superchrome wheels take the pain out of keeping your truck looking shiny.

Increasing numbers of fleet and owner driver customers are converting their existing trucks and trailers to Superchrome wheels as well as specifying Superchrome wheels for their new purchases.

The reason for this increasing demand for Superchrome wheels is growing awareness in the transport industry of the advantages Superchrome wheels provide for trucks and trailers. These advantages are a combination of presentation, image, and long-term labour and cost savings.

Superchrome wheels are easy to clean and do not need polishing to give that new shiny finish. Also, the hard Superchrome surface increases the life of the wheels by reducing wear.

The added bonus to having Superchrome wheels is the increased amount of leisure and family time available to drivers who are responsible for the presentation of their trucks.

Superchrome has invested over one million dollars in research and development over the years to perfect this revolutionary process and that’s why it is able to offer what it says is a world first – a seven year chrome warranty.

Superchrome has also upgraded its production facilities in 2021 for a third time, and this, combined with operating two production shifts, will ensure the increasing demand for Superchrome wheels is met.                                                                                                                                            

Superchrome makes its wheels easy to purchase by providing them to customers by direct shipment to all locations in Australia.

The wheels are also provided to truck dealerships on an exchange basis. That is, a chrome set of wheels is sent to the dealerships for the new truck and the new polished alloy wheels off the new truck are returned to Superchrome as exchange, therefore, the chroming process is the only additional cost.

New Superchrome wheels are also sent to the trailer manufacturers or the manufacturers send their new polished wheels to Superchrome to be returned after chroming.

Superchrome says that it continues to demonstrate a profound commitment to an industry that is also a livelihood by ensuring all orders are delivered on time.

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