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Getting off to a great start

Previously working in depots and yards, Cameron Walsh recently made the switch from forklifts to trucks and is loving being out on the road.

Rain was gently falling on Kempton when we caught up with this amiable truckie from South Spreyton.

Driving an RBA Linehaul 2005 Kenworth K104 with a 600 Cummins up front, he was towing a fridge pan and was on his way from Devonport and Burnie Brighton and would then return to Devonport.

“I have only been full-time with RBA for two months, but I was working there doing casual on weekends prior to that and I am so grateful to Bruce because he gave me a start, something it is very hard to get in the industry.

“It has certainly put me on my feet and where I want to be. Prior to that I was a forklift driver, mainly container forks, and I’d have to say there is no comparison between working in depots and yards and in getting out on the open road, and especially in good well maintained gear such as RBA run. All the variety, new places, new faces, and a job I am really enjoying into the bargain. And he is keeping me really busy as well. I can certainly say it is living up to and exceeding my very best expectations.”

We asked Walsh how he spends his time off and he told us, “Well my wife and I have a six-month-old baby, Everett, named after my best mate as people who know me will understand, so I like to spend as much time as possible with the family, but I also keep pretty busy working on my car and riding motor bikes. You might say at this moment I am pretty made up with life and the future looks good at long last.”

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