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Life in the fast lane

Truckie Craig Webb has just delivered a Ferrari to Hobart when he stopped to chat with Big Rigs.

“I am now returning with another vehicle to Burnie, so we do get to carry some interesting cars at times.

“But it has been good to drop into the Caltex here at Kempton and grab a refreshment break and a bit of good tucker and a hot cuppa too on my way north.”

Webb was driving one of those eye-catching Brianna trucks, a 2018 UD Tilt tray, and he told us he has been with them now for four great years.

“They are truly a great and happy outfit to work for and apart from keeping us busy, flat out in fact, they run great gear and really look after their crew. I’ve only been out driving on the road proper now for five years, and before that I had a milk run for 11 years. And I really enjoy it here, heaps of variety, every day is different, and you get a good look around at pretty well all of the state from time to time.”

As for time off, he said it was spent whenever possible with the family, and doing a bit of recreational fishing as well.

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