National health check for heavy vehicles in May

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Safety should be the number one priority for everyone working in the heavy vehicle industry. As we announced recently, preparations are well underway to conduct a mechanical safety check of Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet.

The National Roadworthiness Survey 2021 will commence in May, with NHVR and partner agencies checking around 8,000 vehicles over 12 weeks. 

Each vehicle will receive a comprehensive visual and mechanical inspection – using the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual – which can take 45 minutes on average. It’s usually a shorter period for compliant vehicles and longer for non-compliant vehicles.

We understand the importance of keeping the heavy vehicle supply chain moving and where possible, officers will ensure minimal disruption occurs.

It’s important to stress that each vehicle will only be checked once.

The Survey will play a vital role in monitoring the fleet’s condition and assessing the changes of the past five years since the NHVR conducted the inaugural national survey in 2016.

There have been considerable improvements in terms of vehicle technology, the role of safety systems and the sharing of information and data since that time. I know many businesses have made a significant investment in continuing to improve their safety practices

What has remained constant is the importance of a daily safety check as part of a driver’s pre-trip routine.

To assist, the NHVR has developed a Daily Safety Checklist – a series of simple steps operators should undertake to ensure their vehicle is visually roadworthy prior to leaving the yard, depot or rest area.

The checklist should only take a few minutes to complete, and includes a visual inspection of brakes, tyres and hubs, lights and reflectors, mirrors, the engine, driveline and exhaust. The list can be expanded and tailored to suit an operator’s business requirements.

We all have a role to play in keeping our roads and each other safe and I want to thank the many operators who continue to make safety a priority in their business. I look forward to seeing the results of the survey.

The full Daily Safety Checklist can be found on the NHVR’s website at

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