New season of Outback Truckers

Season 9 of Outback Truckers will hit screens tomorrow, with the popular series set to celebrate its 100th episode later this month.

The show is produced by Prospero Productions, which said Outback Truckers celebrates Australia’s unsung heroes as they drive the biggest trucks on earth along the toughest roads and loneliest highways in the world.

“It’s been brilliant to watch the number of fans grow over the nine seasons and it has now achieved cult status around the world. People love the show and really appreciate the hard work the truckers do over long distances and on our craziest outback roads,” said Outback Truckers Executive Producer Julia Redwood.

The show has also created over 450 jobs across its nine seasons. “The series has contributed significantly to the employment of West Australians in the screen industry. Returning seasons offering long contracts and an opportunity to upskill has meant that many local practitioners have chosen to stay in WA, as opposed to seeking work elsewhere,” Redwood added.

Distributed by Flame Distribution, since its worldwide premiere on 7mate in 2012, Outback Truckers has aired in over 220 countries, including the UK and Europe on the Discovery Channel.

A number of stars on the show have developed their own fanbase, including favourites such Steve Grahame, Adrian ‘Slick’ Serafini, Yogi and Amanda Kendall, Jo and Nick Atkins, and Paul ‘Sludge’ Andrews.

Season 9 starts tomorrow May 4, airing Tuesdays at 8.30pm on 7mate. It’s also available on demand via 7plus.

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