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1300DRIVER: Supporting drivers and their families

Do you find yourself fatigued when driving and find it challenging to keep up with work demands? Do you think about drinking alcohol, smoking or using drugs to cope with work pressures?

If you do then 1300DRIVER is the answer to your concerns. 1300DRIVER is a 24/7 free and confidential drug and alcohol helpline that aims to support transport industry drivers and their families experiencing challenges with drug and/or alcohol use.

It’s no surprise the demands in the transport industry can require drivers to work long erratic hours often causing fatigue. This presents a challenge for a healthy work/life balance for many drivers. If you have turned to alcohol, stimulants or other drugs to cope with these pressures then consider speaking to a professional Counsellor on the 1300DRIVER helpline.

The 1300DRIVER service will support you to focus on reducing the harmful effects of substance use or cravings by providing education, strategies, counselling and referrals to services. It can be daunting taking the first step to ring for advice or feel comfortable offloading your personal story about these challenges.

We get it, it’s tough to take that first step to speak to someone about your situation and you might be worried about what will happen with the information you share.

Rest assured you can speak to us in confidence; we do not record personal identifying information, such as your name or contact number, if you don’t provide this.

We have assisted many people in reducing harm from the effects of their use, improving relationships, achieving sobriety and ultimately an improved quality of life.

1300DRIVER (1300 374 837) is here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round and is the best place for Truckies to share the load.

Topics we can help you with include:

  • Struggling to balance long work hours, alertness and thinking about experimenting with stimulant drugs including caffeine, methamphetamines and cocaine;
  • Finding it challenging to relax, get adequate sleep and thinking about substances as a way to come down;
  • Anxiety and stress issues from job demands or the Covid-19 pandemic and using substances as a way to manage this;
  • Wanting to feel healthier and make positive lifestyle changes;
  • Seeking a referral for tailored assistance e.g. rehabilitation clinic

We are looking for key industry players in the commercial transport industry, especially the long-haul driver sector, to discuss potential collaborations and partnerships with as well as provide workforce training and education to employees.

We can also assist organisations with alcohol and drug policy, and workforce retention strategies if employees test positive to drug and alcohol testing and are concerned about job security.

If this interests you then please get in contact with Hazel Sgouras, Contact Centre Manager at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, or on 0416 143 772.

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