Truckie fined $750 and ordered to complete load restraint course

The NHVR has highlighted the importance of ongoing heavy vehicle safety education within the industry following its first successful Supervisory Intervention Order (SIO) in Victoria.

The matter related to the intercept of a heavy vehicle in March 2020 where the driver failed to comply with loading and dimension requirements under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Evidence presented to the court displayed unsecured, exposed heavy pieces of metal on top of each other that had the propensity to become dislodged.

The load was deemed high risk with the possibility to cause serious injury and/or death to the driver or other road users.

Given the seriousness of the incident, the Magistrate issued a $750 fine and granted an SIO for the driver to complete a load restraint course within 12 months at their own expense. The driver was also ordered to pay $150 in costs.

NHVR Executive Director of Statutory Compliance Ray Hassall said the NHVR was committed to providing ongoing education across the industry as part of the prosecution process.

“The driver had a choice to load his vehicle safely and travel safely, and neither of these options were taken,” said Hassall.

“In this instance, our recommendation to the judicial system was that the driver seek mandatory education before being allowed to drive a heavy vehicle again.”

The driver must also provide a certificate of completion of the course to the regulator.

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