Cab tilt issue sparks recall for 353 Scania trucks

cab tilt

The ACCC has issued a recall notice for 353 Scania trucks because in some of the vehicles, the nut holding the cab tilt cylinder has not been tightened.

Because of this, the cab may fall forwards when it’s tilted, says the notice.

The below models are affected, all sold between 2019-21:

  • G 410, G 450, G 500, G 540
  • P 280, P 320, P 360, P 370, P 380, P 410, P 450
  • R 500 R 520, R 540, R 580, R 620, R 650, R 730
  • S620

All affected VINs start with YS2

“There is potential for a crushing hazard if the cab falls forwards while a person is near or underneath the vehicle. This may result in serious injury or death,” adds the notice.

Scania Australia will contact all affected owners. Owners are advised to contact their Scania dealer or branch as soon as possible to make an appointment to have the repairs carried out, free of charge.

For more information, and a ful list of vehicles affected, click here.

Owners can also contact Scania Australia on 03 9217 3300, or via the Scania website.

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