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Hendrickson the best fit for the job

Durability and reliability, coupled with low tare weights, have made Hendrickson’s INTRAAX and HXL7 wheel end package a perfect fit for grain and fuel carrier, Ambrose Haulage.

Based in Goondiwindi, Queensland, Ambrose Haulage was started in 2008 by husband and wife Jim and Mandy Ambrose. They began with one grain truck and have built the business up from there.

Originally focused solely on grain, the drought led to them diversifying their business and adding fuel cartage into the mix. The fleet is now made of four A-doubles, as well as a brand new AB-triple set of tippers that was delivered in mid-April for the grain side of the business; along with another two road trains that do contract work for IOR Petroleum.

Though most of the work is throughout Queensland and NSW, in recent times it’s extended further afield too. “Branching out into contracting for IOR Petroleum helped us to get through the drought. We also had to travel further too, to where the work was, so we have had trucks in Victoria, Kapunda in South Australia and even into Perth,” said Jim.

Every set of trailers in the Ambrose Haulage fleet runs on Hendrickson’s INTRAAX and HXL7 wheel end package.

Every set of trailers in the Ambrose Haulage fleet runs on Hendrickson’s INTRAAX and HXL7 wheel end package – that’s how it’s been from the very beginning.

And all but one set of trailers are by Moore Trailers.

Prior to venturing out on his own, Jim had spent 10 years carting explosives, but had never used Hendrickson’s products.

“We bought our first set of Moore trailers in 2008 from Nick Fenton who is in sales there, and have built a great working relationship with him, as well Grahame and Shayne Moore. It was actually Nick who pushed me in the direction of Hendrickson and now I’ve developed a great relationship with Matt Huigens at Hendrickson too. Hendrickson is unfaultable – we love it and wouldn’t use anything else,” said Jim.

Ambrose Haulage’s trucks travel long distances, with its grain trucks averaging 200,000 kilometres a year, and the fuel trucks at around 300,000 kilometres a year – so keeping them on the road and in tip top shape is at a premium.

“The tare weight is what we initially loved the most, because with grain tippers you get paid by the tonne, but their maintenance is unbelievable too – you just don’t need to touch them,” said Jim, adding that Hendrickson’s five-year, 1.2 million kilometre warranty offers added peace of mind.

“Our trailers generally get to one million kilometres without anything needing to be done to the suspension. It’s very rare to ever need to replace anything. Hendrickson’s tare weight, durability, reliability, aftersales service and their warranty is amazing.”

Find Henrickson at Foyer 081 at the Brisbane Truck Show.

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