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Alemlube keeps your team safe with new barrier reels

Alemlube is showcasing two economical barrier reels at the Brisbane Truck Show to help promote safety in the workplace.

The new BR50010D Danger safety Barrier Reel and the BR50020C Caution Safety Barrier Reel are innovative storage and retrieval systems, says Alemlube.

Each contain 16 metres of highly visible striped safety band designed to provide a temporary visual barrier to clearly identify hazardous or dangerous areas in the workplace and around public areas, to cordon off security zones and to isolate restricted areas in the interests of employee OH&S and general safety.

For example, an ideal application of the new Alemlube safety barrier reels is to restrict people entering through roller doors that are required to be open for ventilation and light yet to allow forklift traffic as required.

The safety band is effortlessly and quickly unattached and retracted when access is required and re-extended and attached to maintain the safety zone.

Every manufacturing facility will undertake necessary or periodical maintenance and the BR50010D and BR50020C safety barrier reels are the perfect devices and answer to create a safe distance from and to cordon off where machinery or vehicles are being worked upon.

The durable, long lasting red/white (danger) or yellow/black (caution) safety bands are complete with a fixed handle that easily attaches to any suitable fixing point up to 16 metres from the reel. Further reels can be added to delineate larger more expansive areas.

The robust plastic outer casing of each barrier reel contains an automatic spring rewind mechanism that efficiently rewinds the safety band for storage after use and the reel can be mounted/demounted via the integral swiveling steel wall bracket that allows the reel to rotate through approximately 180º.

Always good to have on hand, the BR50010D and BR50020C safety barrier reels available from Alemlube are cost-effective, user-friendly, compact design reels and a must for addressing workplace and employee safety.

Typical applications include automotive workshops, mine site stores, industrial loading docks, office block car park entrances and commercial warehouses.

For further information relating to these safety barrier reels and full Alemlube equipment and services information, visit

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