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Shifting gears: Technology to enhance communication

Professional truck drivers have long been battling the challenges of working in high noise environments. They need the right tools to be productive, says Dave Dessmann, ANZ BD & Strategic Alliances for GN BlueParrot.

He explained that the key challenges when communicating on the road are safety and the ability to stay connected. Drivers need to be able to easily connect with their customers, teams and suppliers at any given point for important information. Having the right solution will solve these challenges. 

Staying connected from anywhere

Staying connected is a must in today’s fast paced environment, especially as supply chains face additional pressure due to the increased demand in online orders and a requirement for fast paced deliveries. It is essential for truck drivers to have the necessary tools that allow them to be contactable, whether they’re in the cabin, loading the truck or making a delivery.

The right wireless communication tools, including a professional headset, will allow drivers to deliver and receive critical information as it happens.

Drivers need to be able to block out noise around them to be heard and communicate effectively. BlueParrott devices can block out 96 per cent of background noise, allowing drivers to communicate even in the noisiest of environments.

Safe and accessible communication is essential

Staying connected is important for drivers on the road, doing so in a safe manner is crucial. Truck drivers need to be able to focus on the road while they talk and engage with key stakeholders.

BlueParrott features long talk time, the ability to get through the whole day without worrying about charging or having to drive unsafely. Voice Control allows drivers to make calls, hear GPS directions and access voice assistants without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. BlueParrott offers superior sound and premium comfort.

BlueParrott headsets are engineered to make hands-free communication a seamless experience, with industry-leading noise-cancellation, impressive features and tough, rugged design. BlueParrott delivers impressive levels of comfort, fit and performance.

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