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Seizing opportunity

“I had originally come to Tasmania working in shearing sheds all over the place, and one day Paul offered me a job here and I grabbed the opportunity,” said Sarah Woodruff.

Woodruff now resides in Richmond, but previously lived on a farm in the central North Island of New Zealand.

When we caught up with her, she was driving a Tate’s Transport 2017 Volvo FM450 triple deck stock crate and told us she was flat out carting cattle for the forthcoming sale, and was currently on her way from Powranna to York Plains for another load.

“Well, I have been here ever since, and I must say, I am still so glad I got this chance to go driving, and five years later I am still loving it.

“Certainly, Tate’s have looked after me, and I also happen to like the truck I am driving, it does the job admirably, and they have good gear and keep the maintenance up too.

“Honestly, I have never had any regrets, and at this point I have no intention of doing anything else.”

We asked her how she spent her time off, and she said, “I have always liked horses and I like to do a bit of riding when I am free.

“Also, we lease a bit of land near Richmond and we run a few cattle and some sheep there, and all in all that keeps me well occupied.”

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