Collaboration is the key, and an amazing thing to see

What a month we have had and what a month we have in front of us, with so much going on in the trucking industry.

How much this industry has changed over the years, to see the uniformity today and also the collaboration between the industry, the regulators and some of the government, with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator being out and about talking to truck drivers and talking to transport companies and collaborating with associations; it’s just such an amazing thing to see.

The feedback from both sides is so positive, that we can only hope that this continues and that it reinforces the positive connection between everyone within the industry; and we become part of the same team. With this we can then improve our image with the public and that would be an amazing thing to happen.

Also with the recent Senate inquiry, the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee, to be able to speak directly with the senators of this committee and to not only be listened to and have them understand what you’re talking about, but then have positive feedback from them, is just beyond amazing. I think that we should be so grateful that we can be part of this. It’s something unheard of in the past.

Also in May I had the chance to record episode five of the Driving the Difference show with three guests from the NHVR and I had a straightforward conversation about CoR and the changes within the industry. I think this will beget an even better relationship for both parties.

We have the Transport Women Australia Limited Conference at the end of May and we’re really looking forward not only to hearing from the NHVR at the conference but also hearing from Kerrie Challenor of NTI speaking about her path through the insurance industry to become the Chief People and Operations Officer, and the amazing changes within NTI and how they look after their people through their welfare programmes, their mental and physical health programmes and how they support the industry. 

We also get to hear from Melissa Weller and Kayla O’Brien who are running the SafeT360 truck and have that truck available for schools and others at the conference at the Hyatt Place at Essendon Fields. We have the PACCAR Diversity truck which we’re really looking forward to seeing as well.

We’ve also invited our legal member Gillian Bristow to talk about the responsibilities and liabilities as a company or board director and we’re showcasing our graduates from the Women Driving Transport Careers Programme and our Driving the Difference Scholarship winners over the past two years.

We will get an update on superannuation from our partners, TWUSUPER and hear from Import Export TV. We will have breakfast keynotes from Volvo and Viva Energy Australia and the all important and outstanding keynotes from Jacqui Alder from Clarity Simplicity Success and David Coleman (also known as The Dating Doctor), who will appear on Episode Six of the Driving the Difference show, which will be available prior to the conference.

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