Driving Better Health for truckie safety

Many transport industry workers work and live with occupational pressures that adversely affect their health to a greater extent than workers in other industries. In particular, long-haul drivers are especially vulnerable to health conditions due to the nature of the job. 

Periods of prolonged sitting, continuous noise, shift work, overnight driving, and sometimes insufficient rest are all factors that can erode the health and fitness of a driver.   

The long-term impacts can lead to chronic health conditions such as obesity, sleep apnoea and cardiovascular disorders which are all associated with an increased risk of a crash. Addressing driver health produces many benefits such as improved safety performance, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and worker retention. 

Day and night, truck drivers are providing an essential service to ensure the country keeps moving and it is critical that a priority is placed on their health and wellbeing. Leading this priority is the Queensland Trucking Association which is taking proactive action by taking health assessments on the road with the Driving Better Health project, funded by the NHVR through the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative.

It can be challenging for drivers to have regular health check-ups so taking these on the road to the driver where they can walk on to the Heart of Australia truck and have their assessment makes it easy. The process takes around 20-25 minutes, including completing a questionnaire and short consultation with a nurse.

The Driving Better Health Convoy is being held between May 24-28, commencing at Followmont Transport in Brisbane (May 24), Richers Transport in Maryborough (May 25), Gracemere Saleyards (May 26), BP Paget Truck Stop (May 27), with the last stop in Townsville at Brown and Hurley (May 28).

Drivers can pre-book at any of these locations by clicking here

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