Scania appoints new manager for Dandenong branch

Brendan Fulton has commenced as the new branch manager for the Scania company-owned sales and service dealership in Greens Road, Dandenong.

The dealership is one of three owned and operated by Scania in Victoria, and one of nine nationwide.

“I have plenty of recent customer-facing aftersales experience from the highly competitive passenger car business, as well as a solid background as a diesel technician. I started my career in heavy vehicles with William Adams, and it is good to be back in the commercial vehicle industry, especially with a brand like Scania,” said Fulton.

“I like to lead teams from the front and to encourage them to be honest and upfront with our customers. I understand very clearly that uptime is vital in trucking because our customers’ livelihoods depend on their trucks being on the road.

“My aim is for the Dandenong Branch staff to strive to exceed customer expectations in terms of service; not just speed of service but quality of service, and we have already made some changes within the branch to deliver on this.

“No customer wants their truck off the road, and unplanned breakdowns are the bane of their business lives, so we are positioning ourselves to be more responsive to their moment of need, when their truck arrives in our workshop needing urgent attention.”

Fulton said Scania also offers excellent career possibilities for motivated technicians and apprentices.

“We’re always looking for apprentices and qualified technicians to join the team. We’re also increasing our presence in the loose engine and genset markets. This presents a wonderful element of variety to our work and helps in creating a workplace that is rewarding and stimulating. You can be working on a customer’s truck, trailers or bus today and travelling to a marina to service our engines in a pilot boat tomorrow.”

Fulton said there are many opportunities for dual trade technicians in heavy vehicle workshops, so the demand for skilled diesel technicians with electrical expertise has never been higher.

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