Sharing the road for safety

This Global Road Safety Week, Transurban is partnering with representative bodies, including the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA), to raise awareness around road safety.

Liz Waller, Transurban Road Safety Manager, said Transurban follows the safe system approach for road safety, with a focus on the safe design, construction, and operation and maintenance of our roads.

“We also want all of our road users to get to their destination quickly and safely and this includes the thousands of truck drivers who use our roads every day,” said Waller.

“Educating the broader transport network is key to achieving this. Many motorists are not aware that Transurban also has eyes on its roads and tunnels 24/7 and a complimentary incident response service, which together contribute to making Transurban roads and tunnels up to 68 per cent safer than similar free alternatives.”

In Queensland alone, Transurban’s teams respond to approximately 10 incidents and 80 stationary trucks every month, with a heavy vehicle response team available to get you to safety as quickly as possible, generally within about seven minutes. Teams also proactively patrol Transurban’s motorways to ensure they are clear of debris, for a safe and efficient journey.

Gary Mahon, Chief Executive Officer of the QTA, said it is critically important to have this specialist response service on these busy freight routes.

“We are fortunate that this responsive heavy haulage service is available 24/7 and has the capability to respond within minutes of an incident occurring,” Mahon said. 

Waller added that Transurban roads are also meticulously maintained, and they are looking at how they can use the latest technology to make further improvements such as sensors on bridges and in drains to monitor performance and schedule maintenance.   

Transurban’s efforts don’t stop there and this National Road Safety Week, they want to remind all motorists that the road is a live environment, which is subject to change.

Whether that’s an incident such as a breakdown or collision, or emergency or planned roadworks, we all have a responsibility to stay alert to our surroundings, drive to conditions, observe reduced speeds, and also drive in a manner that will help keep all road users safe.

Safety tips

• Drive to conditions

• Observe reduced speed signage and electronic messaging

• Regularly check your mirrors

• Leave space, in case you need to brake suddenly

• Don’t over occupy the right lane, allow motorists to overtake safely

• Indicate well in advance to give motorists notice of your movements and time to move out of the way

• Consider installation of blind spot sensors   

With many motorists unaware of the full extent of a truck’s blind spots, Transurban is also taking steps to educate the community using billboards, social media and direct customer communications. 

For more information and road trip tips, click here.

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