Outback Truckers celebrates 100th episode milestone

Continuing to grow in popularity, both locally and around the world, Outback Truckers is about to celebrate its 100th episode.

“Outback Truckers started it all back in 2012 and to now reach 100 episodes is a great credit to Prospero Productions and the many people involved across production and financing, as well as the programming and marketing teams at Seven,” said Billy Betts, Seven Network Head of Multichannel Programming.

In its 100th episode, Steve Grahame and dog Bella are in a race across the red deserts of Australia’s centre. From Alice Springs to Perth, Steve has one last job before returning home. He is hauling a load of classic cars to auction but delays in loading and the arrival of the wet season threaten the journey home.

Meanwhile, in the wheatbelt of Western Australia, harvest time is in full swing and farmers are desperate for diesel. For fuel trucker Sludge, this should be the busiest time of year. But an urgent repair needed on one of his fuel tankers has cut his ability to earn money in half.

Further south, family man Yogi Kendall’s also in the thick of the harvest, but high winds and pouring rain are pummelling his $50,000 combine harvester load. With his wife Amanda in hospital, the pressure is on to make sure he drives the 450 kilometres to deliver the load and be back in time to pick up the kids from school.

“To shoot 100 episodes of a Western Australian documentary series is such a significant achievement, but coupled with the opportunities to upskill and mentor crew through these projects is what really holds so much benefit for the local screen industry. I congratulate the terrific team at Prospero Productions and know people across the world will enjoy this milestone episode,” said Screenwest’s outgoing CEO Willie Rowe.

Outback Truckers is produced by Prospero Productions for the Seven Network. The series airs Tuesdays at 8.30pm on 7mate and is available on demand via 7plus. The 100th episode will air on May 25.

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