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Bapcor offers complete commercial vehicle parts solution


Bapcor Limited, the Asia Pacific’s largest automotive aftermarket industry specialised company, has assembled its Australian commercial light and heavy duty parts businesses to form the Bapcor Commercial Vehicle Group.

The Bapcor Commercial Vehicle Group is Australia’s largest aftermarket distributor of light and heavy duty commercial vehicle truck parts and accessories to suit American, European, Japanese, Trailer and 4WD vehicles used by transport equipment operators, repairers and wholesalers across Australia.

With an inventory of more than 60,000 unique light commercial and heavy duty vehicle lines and access to more than 300,000 line items, the Bapcor Commercial Vehicle Group range covers every owner-driver, repairer, fleet operator and reseller with premium quality parts and consumables.

The massive range includes brake parts, lubrication, filtration, electrical, suspension and steering components, driveline components, transmission components, maintenance items, exhaust systems, workshop equipment and diagnostics along with aftermarket panels and consumables.

The Bapcor Commercial Vehicle Group offers its trade and wholesale customers a number of the most trusted and established market leading brands across the light and heavy commercial vehicle sectors.

Bapcor also offers exclusive product ranges, Fleetline and Braketek, that present outstanding value and total quality for heavy duty repairers and fleet service centres nationwide.

These include Australian Truck Parts and Truckline in the heavy commercial vehicle sector and Diesel Drive, Japanese Commercial Spares, I Know Parts, Japanese Trucks Australia, HIM Spares and He Knows in the light commercial vehicle sector.

These local light and heavy duty vehicle parts suppliers are joined by over 100 local and international parts manufacturers, to supply the needs of the transport industry, says Bapcor.

Bapcor also provides specialised parts for heavy duty mining, agriculture, construction, general industrial and 4WD vehicles, available from a national network of 26 Truckline stores, 17 CVG Light branches and 5 ATP wholesale distribution centres located across the country

The Bapcor Commercial Vehicle Group also offers exclusive product ranges, Fleetline and Braketek, that present outstanding value and total quality for heavy duty repairers and fleet service centres nationwide.

Bapcor’s Fleetline range includes high quality replacement load restraints, mudflaps, safety signs, wheels, curtain tensioners, trailer accessories and twist locks.

The Braketek range offers quality replacement brake system products including brake shoe kits, spring brakes, slack adjusters, air tanks, brake drums and rotors, suzi coils, brake pads, hydraulic components, calipers, sensors, hoses and fluids.

“When it comes to best in class light and heavy commercial vehicle parts, by being the biggest we bring a very unique competitive edge to this important and quality reliant aftermarket sector,” said Mathew Cooper, executive general manager of Bapcor Mechanical.

“Along with our vast product range, we have the industry’s most highly experienced and knowledgeable people offering the world’s most trusted brands across a national network of well stocked stores, ensuring prompt daily deliveries.

“Combine this with competitive pricing and access to parts six days per week and you have the complete commercial vehicle parts solution.”

To find out more, visit Bapcor Limited online at

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