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From the north to the south

It’s always good to catch up with drivers in those neat little ‘CAT’ rigs, and so it was when we caught up with Glenn Beer from Burnie at the rapidly expanding and evolving Mood Food 24-hour truckstop/roadhouse at Kempton.

Beer had just stopped over to grab a quick bite to eat and a cuppa and he was driving one of Coastal Auto Transport’s 2020 Hino FE rigs with a beaver tail four-car carrier, loaded with two cars on the back.

Beer was on his return leg from Hobart back to Burnie, via Sidmouth at the time. “And then it will be good to knock off as it’s been a long, busy and cold day so far,” he said.

“I’ve been here with Coastal Auto for 15 great months so far and have found them a top outfit to work for and love the job. The truck is virtually brand new still, only 35,000km on the clock, and I’ve had it since the beginning of February and it does what it has to do beautifully and comfortably. The ability to carry four trucks, as we mostly do, has been a great boon too. Previously I worked for a civil engineering outfit, in plant and equipment, including working up in Queensland, and I am really happy getting out on the road here in Tasmania and it suits me fine.”

We asked about how he spends his time off and he said, “Well I enjoy recreational motorcycle riding, especially at Cuprona, and also we enjoy camping.”

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