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Old-school values

Scott Fisher from Hobart was just pulling out of a local truckstop in a Toll 600hp Volvo FH16 when he stopped to chat with Big Rigs.

He was towing four boxes, loaded up with chocolates and bound for Burnie.

Fisher told us he’s been with Toll for 12 years now, adding that they’re a good solid outfit, and they are keeping him busy, which is always good.

He also likes the Volvo he gets to drive, which he said is ideal for the job. “I’ve been on the road all up now for about 32 years, and that includes a couple of years running interstate on the north island. I started the old-fashioned way, off-siding for a couple of years, getting to know the job, before getting my licence, and I still reckon that was the best way to get into the industry, one of the better ways to get a licence I reckon, in fact. No regrets, it has been a good job and it has been good to me too.”

Time off, he said, was spent with the family and doing things around the house. We would like to join Fisher in giving a big heads up to Sam Lyne, who is doing it pretty hard at the moment, and let him know that we are all thinking of him and wishing him all the very best.

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