Truckie Profiles

Over three decades on the road

“When you see a roadhouse with lots of trucks pulled up there, you know they serve a good feed,” was a great quote from Townsville driver Alan Camenzind.

He works for Aurizon and had pulled up at the Port Access Road. He was checking out his Kenworth T659 when Big Rigs saw him.

“I was born in Switzerland and came to Australia as a nine-year-old boy and have been a truckie for 31 years,” said Camenzind, 59.

The friendly Camenzind tows quads and was hauling sulphur between Townsville Port and Mount Isa, a distance of 900km.

Camenzind likes stopping at the Torren’s Creek Hotel and the Julia Creek Puma on his travels to the Isa.

“It is a good job and is well paid and I have been with this company for two years,” he said.

Camenzind grew up in Mount Isa and in his heyday played rugby league for the Brothers Club there.

When he gets time off, Camenzind enjoys riding a Harley Davidson and also tries to get back to Switzerland when he can to visit family and friends. “I have been there four times in the past 10 years,” he added.

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