SA truckies warned to expect more border delays after outbreak


Peak state transport body, the South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA), was advised last night of new border controls with Victoria after the latest virus outbreak in Melbourne.

They are set up at the following locations, although initially in a reduced capacity:

1. Sturt Highway, Yamba
2. Mallee Highway, Pinnaroo
3. Dukes Highway, Wolseley
4. Wimmera Highway, Laurie Park
5. Casterton Road, Penola
6. Glenelg Highway, Myora
7. Princes Highway, Glenburnie

8. Glenelg River Road, Donovans/Nelson

SARTA tells its members in a Facebook post that if there is any indication of a build up of traffic, police have the option (if it is safe to do so) to wave commercial vehicles through the border control.

“If there is no other traffic in the vicinity then commercial vehicles can expect and should prepare to be stopped and asked for their Cross Border (Essential Traveller) Number,” said SARTA.

Police also advised that they are in the process of rolling out the ‘Speed Step Down/speed reduction warning’ templates on approach to the border sites, including Vehicle Messaging System VMS Trailers warning of the existence of border checking sites and the potential for traffic hazards.

“SAPOL is also in communication with Victoria Police and we anticipate they will have a presence on the Victorian side of the border in some way.”

SARTA also reminded operators that ET HV drivers who live in the VIC Restricted Sites during the specified periods must self-quarantine whilst resting in at their destination in SA.

They also must submit to a Covid-19 test within 24 hours of arrival, then again on days 5 and 13 AFTER the day or arrival (unless you have evidence of a Covid test/result within the last seven days.

Drivers also must wear a mask (covering mouth and nose) anytime they come into contact with the public for 14 days after arrival.

SARTA also reminds operators that there are strict travel bans now in place, even for truckies, if they have been in any of the Melbourne hotspots in the 14 days prior to May 25.

Check here for more details.

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