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The right decision for this truckie

“Well I started out working as a seasonal worker, but I’ve always wanted to drive trucks, and one day I decided to get a fork and truck licence, and go looking for a job,” Lindsay Murfet said.

“That was 15 good years ago, when I applied for work here with DeBruyn’s, they gave me a go, and I have been happily here doing what I always wanted to do ever since, and have been happy with my decision all those years back.”

When we caught up with him, he was driving a DeBruyn 2017 540hp Volvo FM and towing a B-double on his way to Hobart, before returning to Devonport.

He reckons he has a great job and works for one of the top outfits in Tasmania, he told us. “Certainly they look after me well and keep me busy, and happy, or I wouldn’t be here 15 years on,” he said. “And it works well with my interest in cars, as I do circuit racing on weekends, an interest I happily share with my family. In fact this coming weekend I am going up to look at a 1969 Formula 3 Nimbus in Queensland.”

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