Advisory issued urging caution at notorious Melbourne intersection

The Victorian Transport Association has issued an advisory to operators urging caution at a notorious Melbourne intersection that has seen a recent surge in incidents involving heavy vehicles.

The intersection of Power Street and City Road, Southgate, has come under the spotlight in recent weeks following a serious accident involving a heavy vehicle and, as recently as Wednesday, a further collision that thankfully did not result in injury.

“This road and intersection are a key link for heavy vehicles, particularly placarded, livestock and other vehicles that are prohibited from using the CityLink tunnels, but need to cross the Yarra River,” said VTA CEO Peter Anderson.

“In the wake of these recent incidents the VTA is imploring operators to ensure their drivers take extra care when navigating turns at this intersection so that further accidents do not occur.

“We acknowledge the intersection needs to be improved for the safety of pedestrians, motorists and heavy vehicle drivers, especially because of the level of risk it presents in one of the busiest parts of the city,” Anderson said.

The VTA is working closely with the Victorian Government and the Department of Transport to identify better solutions for this part of the road network.

Should drivers have anything to report that could assist in this endeavour, they are encouraged to report it back to the VTA on 03 9646 8590.

For now, the first phase of works will include the installation of bollards to better separate the road and pavement, as well as warning signs about turning trucks and technology to minimise waiting periods for pedestrians.

“This is a complex intersection in a busy, high-density area of Melbourne – we’re delivering immediate upgrades to protect the community and make City Road safer for all road users while we get on and develop a long-term safety solution,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety Ben Carroll.

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