Scania encourages workers to get vaccinated against Covid

Scania Australia has begun a programme encouraging its employees to take time off work to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

Scania director of people and culture, Michele Gellatly says the company in Australia is encouraging all employees who wish to, to be vaccinated in order to protect their health and reduce the chances of passing on the virus within their working environment.

“We’re encouraging our employees to book a vaccination appointment during the working day. We’ll still pay them even though they’ll be away from the workshop or the office,” Gellatly said.

“We want as many of our employees who can be to be vaccinated. We’re directly supporting the transport industry that delivers vital supplies of food and materials all around Australia, and our technicians are considered to be essential workers.

Gellatly said a core Scania promise to its truck, bus and engines customers is that the company supports their uptime and it can only deliver on this if it has healthy employees who are able to work.

“We are aware that it may have been difficult for employees to arrange out-of-work-hours appointments, especially at present in Victoria where there is a high demand for vaccinations. But we believe that it is in the best interests of our people, our business and servicing our customers that we encourage them to be vaccinated,” Gellatly said.

“We are doing what we can to allow employees to arrange a timely vaccination appointment.

“Each year we run onsite ‘flu vaccinations, but as we’re unable to bring the Covid-19 virus vaccination to Scania, we’re keen to send our team members out to be vaccinated at the government’s vaccination centres.

“Scania believes it has a duty of care to its employees and by encouraging them and making it easier for them to have the vaccination, this will help maintain their health and their productivity over the long term,” she said.

Gellatly said it would be great if other transport businesses can follow Scania’s lead and encourage their employees to get vaccinated, even if it is undertaken during working hours.

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