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NTI teams with SEA Electric to offer roadside support


In one of the first partnerships of its kind, NTI is offering Truck Assist roadside support to customers who operate electric trucks which have been converted or manufactured by SEA Electric.

Truck Assist’s general manager, Alan Hasted, said the new Truck Assist initiative was in response to growing interest in green technology from truck owners.

“As a truck specialist it was important to us to support operators who were conscious of their environmental impact, looking for vehicle options which are cheaper in the long run, or simply striving to implement change in their business,” Hasted said.

“Drivers need access to Emergency Assistance should they break down, require a tow, lock themselves out or get a flat tyre. Our Truck Assist responders will be equipped to get SEA Electric’s vehicles back on the road or to an authorised Vehicle Dealer or Repairer as quickly as possible to ensure minimal disruption to travel and business.”

SEA Electric president Asia Pacific, Bill Gillespie, said the company has been converting fuel powered trucks for four years and has sold over 100 units of its locally manufactured all-electric vehicles now across Australia and New Zealand markets.

“Demand for the new zero emission trucks has been high with another 80 orders placed for delivery in 2021 and even greater numbers being planned for 2022 across the Australia and New Zealand region,” said Gillespie.

SEA Electric is sold and distributed in Australia via a dedicated group of 17 dealer locations supporting customers with Genuine Sales, Parts and Service to ensure that vehicles are kept at 100 per cent uptime to keep their businesses moving.

In addition to Roadside Assistance, NTI is excited to expand further into the market with insurance for SEA electric trucks, offering insurance premiums reflecting the value of the truck, not the traditional loading of premiums based on the perceived risk on electric vehicles.

NTI’s head of motor portfolio, Nick Dendrinos said NTI has taken a hands-on approach to really understand electric trucks, how they work and what customers need.

“We’ve spent extensive time with SEA Electric understanding how these electric trucks are manufactured and configured, and what sort of damage could be sustained and repair options in the unfortunate event of an accident.”

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