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From the tropics to Tassie

It is always satisfying catching up with people we have known for some time, and the last time we ran into Jamie Shelton, from Hadspen, he was over picking up a heavy load from Zeehan on the far West Coast.

So, it was a great pleasure to catch up with him again recently.

We caught Shelton when he was stopping for a break. He was driving a Gradco 2015 Kenworth T950 Legend with a 600 Cummins up front, and he was on his way from Launceston to Fingal with a load of mining equipment at the time.

Shelton reiterated that Gradco are a top outfit to work for, really good and well looked after trucks and gear, and they look after their drivers as well.

“I have been here for five good years now and it’s the best job I have ever had. Prior to Gradco I had been about 20 years on the road, including a couple of years running between Brisbane and Cairns, but it is so much better down here home again,” he said.

“Tasmania is such a pleasure compared with the traffic and hassles of working on the big island, even the winters aren’t too bad.”

When he isn’t working, we asked what he likes to do. “After polishing the truck, you mean? Well, I enjoy spending time with the family, and generally taking it easy,” Shelton said.

“I finally spent the night at the Waratah pub over on the West Coast recently, and have to mention the great food they serve up there,” he added.

“By the way, can we give a shout out to Mick Reeves who has left to go back driving his own T909. That conspicuous dark green one. He keeps it immaculate and it’s in just about brand-new condition, only done about 300,000km.

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