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Smooth sailing on the island

With a deep rain depression threatening, we made our way north to the Caltex at Epping Forest the other day, being pleased to note the number of trucks back on the road again.

We were happy to catch up with Raj from Burnie when he stopped over for a refreshment break. He was driving a recent model Zam Haulage CF DAF at the time, and towing a drop deck curtainsider.

He was on his return leg from Hobart back to Devonport. “I have the permanent daily run from Devonport to Hobart and return, and that suits me fine as I really enjoy it. I have been here for six months or so now, and I have been happily living in Burnie for a year now, having moved down to Tasmania from Melbourne, where I had been working locally,” he said.

“I must say it is a joy to drive in Tasmania after Melbourne, where the traffic is very heavy and trying. It is much quieter and nowhere near as much stress here, and the scenery is better too.

“I like the DAF and they are really looking after me and keeping me busy, so all up I am very happy with the job. I am originally from New Zealand and I am finding Tasmania very similar, even the weather.”

We asked him how he spent his time off and he said he liked to spend time with family and friends, and also enjoys looking around Tasmania.

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