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Truckie review: Testing the Narva Ultima LED 215 MK2

On opening the box, I was pretty excited to see if these driving lights were everything the box said they would be. Armed with tools, I removed the old lights on my rig and began the process of fitting the Narva Ultima LED 215 MK2.   

The box came with a wiring harness and full set of easy-to-read instructions to refer to but having lights and wiring previously fitted made them a breeze to install. If you’re not the hands-on type, there is always the auto electrician. 

Absolutely love the mounting, no more single bolt fittings. The Narva MK2 lights have a sturdy

Die Cast aluminium mounting bracket with three fixing points. Included in the kit was a rubber mount that can be placed over the bullbar to eliminate rubbing and movement; while a special tool for fitting and tightening makes them secure and fiddle-proof. 

But just in case someone gets any ideas about them looking better on their truck, I went a step further. For a few extra dollars, I added some anti-theft nuts to the bolts at the bottom of the light to be extra sure they weren’t going to go walkabouts.

Out on the road late at night, the Narva Ultima LED 215 MK2 impressed this operator.

The light adjustment on the Narva MK2 is as simple as a twist – move it to the desired height and tighten. Job done!  Took me back to the annoying era of trying to find a deserted road to adjust a set of driving lights, twisting and bending to get it right, then travelling a couple of hundred kilometres, only to find they had vibrated and needed to be set up again. This is not the case with the Narva MK2. I have done thousands of kilometres and no vibration or needing to readjust the setting. All round, it’s a wonderful set up.

The LED position light pipe looks like a mini light bar built into the bottom of the driving light that connects to the park lights, adding to the look but doubling in providing extra light on low beam.

Narva has thought of everything. Who doesn’t want to give their truck a little extra bling?

The kit comes with a set of light surrounds: red, black, yellow and blue for your preferred look. I opted for the blue that came standard. You will need the special tools supplied to make these changes.

In my 38 years of driving I have had numerous sets of driving lights on nearly as many trucks and to say I was impressed was an understatement.

The Narva Ultima 215 LED MK2 would literally be the best set of driving lights I have used to date. 

The box stated 30 per cent more light, 20 per cent longer beam, and it’s a very accurate description – the beam is so much wider, the light clearer and brighter over a longer distance. I was expecting the light to bounce back off the reflective road signs but there really isn’t a lot of flashback.     

I am impressed, and that’s not easy to do. I have been called finicky on more than one occasion.

I drive mostly night hours and probably use driving lights more than the average truck driver and I can seriously say overall I am pleasantly surprised at the performance.

Check out for full details on the upgraded performance of the Narva Ultima LED 215 MK2.

Narva has gone one better than I thought would have been possible with a set of driving lights to give you the clarity and extended night vision needed to turn night-time to daytime.

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