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Meet the 2021 Daimler Future Leaders

Daimler Future Leaders- Scott McDonald

Ten of Australia’s young trucking professionals have been welcomed to the 2021 Daimler Future Leaders’ Forum.

Delivered by the Australian Trucking Association in partnership with Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific, the Future Leaders’ Forum gives young leaders the tools and training needed to become strong, knowledgeable industry advocates.

Representing ATA member associations, Daimler Truck and Bus and the ATA’s TruckSafe accreditation scheme, the program participants come from across the country in many diverse roles.

“Our 2021 Future Leaders represent a wide array of industry professions, from mechanics and directors to operations management, finance and technology,” ATA Chair David Smith said.

“Together with Daimler Truck and Bus, we are committed to supporting the development of young leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to make positive change.

“Now in its fourth year, the program addresses the issues of today, including safety, building business productivity and recruiting skilled and motivated employees,” he said.

The 2021 program will see participants meet in Canberra for two days of intensive workshops with mentorship from experts in leadership, media and political training. During these workshops, the cohort will collaborate to develop an industry advocacy project before presenting the results at the ATA’s Trucking Australia conference in September.

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia President and CEO Daniel Whitehead welcomed the 2021 cohort and said he was looking forward to the program outcomes.

“Daimler Truck and Bus understands the importance of building a strong and productive workforce, especially as our industry deals with new and evolving challenges,”  Whitehead said.

“The value of the Daimler Future Leaders’ Forum for both participants and industry is clear. We are building the next generation of leaders who will make sure the trucking industry remains strong and ready for the future,” he said.


Scott McDonaldAustralian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association
Director of McDonald Bros Transport, Scott McDonald is passionate about rural transport and promoting the valuable contribution it makes to the wider industry and community.

As a 2021 Future Leader, McDonald hopes to learn how industry associations can influence government policy and engage effectively with stakeholders. He also wishes to collaborate with his peers on how to promote innovation, careers, safety and efficiency in rural transport.

By taking part in the program, McDonald wishes to build his professional network with other young leaders and build his confidence in representing his organisation, giving presentations and speaking to media.

Melanie WhiteTruckSafe 
Melanie White is Chief Financial Officer of Martins Stock Haulage and believes it is critical to have strong industry ambassadors with a voice to drive change.

White wants to utilise the 2021 Future Leaders’ Forum as an opportunity to learn the skills needed to facilitate proactive change to current and future issues affecting the transport industry. In an ever-changing political, economic, regulatory and social world, White’s vision is to create industry-wide solutions that will ensure all sectors can deliver in a safe, reliable and economical way.

White wants to develop her potential as an industry advocate and build connections with other business leaders and mentors.

Maddison HoweAustralian Furniture Removers Association 
Maddison Howe’s goal as a 2021 Future Leader is to promote and raise awareness of industry opportunities for the younger generation.

National Operations Manager of Kent Relocation Services, Howe has been managing teams since she was 24 years old. She comes from a family that has been a part of the removal industry for many years and understands the many valuable careers that are available within, from administration to IT and management.

As a participant in the Future Leaders’ Forum, Howe is eager to create connections with like-minded professionals and expand her skills by learning from the experiences of others.

Lauren TormeyDaimler Truck and Bus 
2021 Future Leader Lauren Tormey has a passion for learning and is eager to develop her potential as a knowledgeable and resourceful industry ambassador.

HR Specialist at Daimler Truck and Bus, Tormey hopes to achieve a greater understanding of policy formation and current issues within the heavy vehicle industry and is excited to network with other industry professionals.

Tormey believes that working alongside emerging leaders in a team environment will build critical leadership skills and provide an opportunity to learn and grow outside any opportunity her day-to-day role could provide.

Josiah de BruynTasmanian Transport Association 
Josiah de Bruyn is a diesel mechanic at family business De Bruyn Transport, and currently completing a Marine Engineers qualification to support his role across the diverse operations of the business.

de Bruyn believes the 2021 Future Leaders’ Forum will allow him to develop broad leadership capabilities to support his role and the succession planning within the family business.

de Bruyn is interested in exploring the opportunities for business improvement through IT, telematics and electronic solutions, with a focus on driver safety and business efficiency.

Jake MylerQueensland Trucking Association 
Jake Myler is Head of Fleet and Compliance at Lowes Petroleum Service and first joined the workforce 15 years ago.

Myler’s focus is ensuring safe and efficient business operations, including implementing logistics solutions like PBS vehicles, adopting heavy vehicle safety technologies and instilling a strong empowerment culture within his team.

As a 2021 Future Leader, Myler wishes to further his involvement and understanding of government policy and industry advocacy while networking with other like-minded leaders.

Georgia GossWestern Roads Federation 
Workshop and administration assistant at Dananni Haulage in Western Australia, Georgia Goss has the ambition to be part of a better, safer future in transport.

Goss wants to develop her potential as an industry leader and build her professional skills.

By taking part in the 2021 Future Leaders’ Forum, Goss will gain an insight into how businesses can effectively influence government policy, learn how to handle media interviews and build her professional networks.

Daniel Phillips, South Australian Road Transport Association
Relatively new to the transport industry, Daniel Phillips is Chief Information Officer at Diamond Bros and has previously worked with Volvo Trucks in a business development role.

Phillips’s ambition is to implement improved systems and processes that deliver better profitability, safety and growth while attracting and maintaining talented staff. In the long term, Daniel aims to lead the company as CEO.

As a 2021 Future Leader, Phillips wants the tools, resources and knowledge base to continue his understanding of business and industry challenges while being an active leader in addressing them. He also wants to be able to grow and adapt the business when new challenges arise.

Campbell PleveyNatRoad 
Team Leader at Camlin Investments, Campbell Plevey has strong knowledge and demonstrated experience in the dangerous goods industry, including safety, compliance and driver training.

Recognised by his employer as a ‘high potential’ employee, Plevey aspires to transition into senior management within the next five years. He hopes to use his experience as a 2021 Future Leader to understand the political landscape and develop his business leadership acumen.

Keen to develop a strategic mindset, Plevey has an interest in chain of responsibility applications and industry innovation such as the rollout of hydrogen in Australian transport.

Blair HarveyTruckSafe
Operations Manager Blair Harvey has worked with SRH Milk Haulage for 12 years and visualises herself having a long career in the industry.

With a desire to broaden her industry knowledge and leadership skillset, Harvey sees the 2021 Future Leaders’ Forum as an opportunity to work with like-minded professionals and gain innovative ideas and knowledge that she can bring back to her workplace.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Harvey has been handling a lot of media enquiries for SRH Milk Haulage and is eager to develop her skills in this area to be a strong and confident industry representative.

Ainsleigh BilatoNT Road Transport Association 
Ainsleigh Bilato is a young lawyer working within the corporate and human resources team at Exact Contracting Services.

Bilato has strong family ties to the Northern Territory road transport industry and made an active choice after completing university studies to enter the industry as a post-graduate lawyer.

As a 2021 Future Leader, Bilato hopes to give back to the transport industry, engaging with other young leaders and continuing her professional development to demonstrate the value of employing graduate lawyers.

Lachlan MavinDaimler Truck and Bus 
Leading Hand at Daimler Trucks Huntingwood, Lachlan Mavin is a senior heavy and light diesel mechanic. In his role, Lachlan oversees the quality of workmanship, training, support and shop floor instruction.

With broad experience across many facets of the transport industry, Mavin hopes to use the 2021 Future Leaders’ Forum as a platform to share his skills and learn from others.

Mavin’s involvement in the program will allow him to gain a comprehensive understanding of industry issues and how to lead proactive change.

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