Trucking boardgame ready for launch

Following a recent Kickstarter campaign seeking funding to put a trucking boardgame to market, it’s now ready to go into production.

Created by Trefor Jones, who worked as a truckie before spending nearly 40 years in the truck hire industry, the boardgame – called Linehauler – focusses on the road transport industry.

As he explains, it’s been a long time in the making and he’s ecstatic to see it come to fruition. “Linehauler has been a 20 year project with a small gap in between. I had it all under way 20 years ago, then it all fell over and I shelved it for 10 years. Now I thought I’d have another crack at this boardgame,” Jones said.

Players start out in a rigid truck and work their way around the board to build their fleet with a semi-trailer, B-double and then finally the road train – the ‘King of the Road’ – to become a Linehauler champion. They travel through Australian towns along the way and hear of some of the road rules too.

With the game now fully funded, Jones is hoping it will be available for sale by mid-August.

“The good news is I eventually got two backers and with the added help of a new short Kickstart programme, we are now fully funded. We are hopeful of launching it at the National Road Transport Hall of Fame Festival in August 2021,” said Jones.

Orders for the game can be placed via the Kickstarter page here. “Anyone pledging via Kickstart are guaranteed to get the game package they opt for,” added Jones. Orders via this link are available until July 2, 2021.

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