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Frightening near miss: Truckie sends footage to police

Weighbridge tester Brad Rowe couldn’t believe his eyes.

Driving north from Mallala to Balaklava this morning, the Adelaide truckie was overtaken in an 80km/h zone by a late-model Toyota Corolla.

But instead of pulling back into the left-hand lane once in the 100km/h stretch and safely clear of Rowe’s company truck, the driver of the Toyota stayed out in the right-hand lane, oblivious to the dangers ahead at the blind corner.

The quick-thinking driver of the on-coming 4WD averted disaster by pulling into the shoulder.

If it had been a large truck coming around the corner instead Rowe believes there would have been a “big mess” because there was simply no where to go.

“They must have thought it was a dual carriageway; they sat out there for more than a minute,” he said.

Rowe jumped on the phone to alert police and tailed the motorist into Balaklava hoping to assist with an intercept but unfortunately the local cop wasn’t available.

“But I got the registration number and sent the footage to police,” he said.

“I just hope they’re made to hand their licence in. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Hopefully the driver of the 4WD has also filed a report.”

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