Volvo answers firefighters’ feedback with FM Crew Cab

crew cab

The new Volvo FM Crew cab has arrived in Australia with a clear priority: keeping our frontline emergency services personnel safe and operational.

In conjunction with Rosenbauer Australia, this new vehicle has been specially designed and equipped, front to back, with the needs of the firefighter at top of mind.

Safer emergency vehicles mean a safer environment for all road users.

Volvo Trucks collected feedback from the field to create the safest, most comfortable and effective vehicle for those tasked with protecting the community during times of crisis.

A key focus during the development of the Volvo FM Crew Cab was to create a cab that made a firefighter’s job easier while also supporting the health and well-being of their teams in the challenging conditions they often face.

The new vehicle is available with both 11- and 13-litre engine options with the option of Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions ratings. Transmission options encompass the 6-speed Powertronic torque converter automatic through to the class leading 12-speed I-Shift AMT with the added option of crawler gears.

“I’m delighted to launch the new Volvo FM Crew Cab. A truck especially designed for firefighters based on real world feedback by firefighters,” said Gary Bone, Vice President, Volvo Trucks Australia.

“We asked firefighting crew members for feedback and took on board their answers.

“We focused on supporting the wellbeing of our firefighters, with better operational logic, keeping information easily accessible at their fingertips and providing better ergonomic features.

“We looked at improving the cabin with features like greater access with the egress-fold down step, wide door openings, and enhanced grab rails.”

Bone said firefighters were also front of mind when designing the cabin interior, ensuring that the interior is safely lit whilst also preserving low light vision.

“I am proud that our products are able to play a role toward improving the safety and wellbeing of emergency services personnel now, and into the future,” added Bone.

With over 40 years in the Australian market, Volvo’s innovative trucks are a combination of global vision and local intelligence.

“This partnership between Volvo Trucks and Rosenbauer Australia brings together two organisations committed to keeping people safe both on and off the road,” said Arthur Wiemer, managing director, Rosenbauer Australia.

“Drawing on global expertise to provide an optimised local solution for Australian firefighters shows that we have both the agility and ability to target the specific requirements of emergency services personnel.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Volvo Trucks with the aim of building these appliances here in Brisbane.”

The Rosenbauer-equipped Volvo FM Crew Cab will have its first public showcase at the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services conference in Sydney, August 17-20.

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