Foxing around with truckies and trailers in Adelaide


You never know who might be hitching a ride in your trailer, warns Adelaide truckie Brad Rowe.

Rowe shot this camera-shy fox sunning himself at Viterra’s Port Adelaide facility last week.

Seconds after seeing Rowe filming him, the cheeky little fella had enough of the spotlight and took refuge on the trailer.

Apparently the foxes are a regular site at the port’s hook-up yards, we’re reliably informed.

“Years ago one tapped me on the leg to pay attention to it, because I was standing in the yard eating pizza and it was shitty I hadn’t given it some,” said one truckie on the Facebook group On the Pads SA Edition, where Rowe first posted the clip.

If you’ve got footage of any surprise hitchhikers, we’d love to share it with the readers. Email us at

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