Customised unmanned 24/7 fuelling solutions

A family owned and operated business servicing the eastern states, Woodham Petroleum Services has been working with its customers to develop tailored solutions that best suit their needs.

“We’re a family business that’s been operating for 40 years. With that comes the ability to become adaptive and nimble to be able to support our customers’ individual requirements in terms of pricing, credit terms, etc. We’re aware that many transport customers typically have two to three suppliers that they utilise – so we’re asking them to give Woodham a try when it fits in with where they are travelling to. We’re an alternative fuelling option for transport operators,” said Woodham Petroleum Services business development manager Shane Baker.

Originally operating only throughout the north-west of NSW, the business has spent the last few years expanding its operations along the entire east coast, with 20 unmanned retail sites operating 24/7 now located across NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Woodham Petroleum is a true independent fuel supplier, with sites across remote, regional and city locations.

Started by Jim Woodham in 1981, his eldest son Matt has been at the helm since the mid 2000s. Matt continues a close association with regional and remote Australia. He has a team of industry professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience. The business understands that transport operators require ease of access, quick refuelling of diesel and AdBlue and the most competitive price available. With the price of diesel on the rise, Woodham Petroleum knows it can assist transport operators to save money.

“We’ve developed 24/7 unmanned refuelling sites across the east of Australia. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. For us, it’s about understanding our customer’s needs, their business and where they travel, so we can tailor a solution,” added Baker.

“Price will always be a very strong reason for the transport industry operators to deal with Woodham Petroleum. We believe however that our service and communication with our customers is second to none.

“There are many small or medium transport businesses that aren’t getting the same level of support in terms of service, credit terms and price that the big guys receive from the main players. We want them to get in touch with us because we know we can be competitive. We also have the ability to provide the same solution with tanks and fuel management solutions at their own home base depots if that’s a requirement as well, for one integrated fuelling solution.”

For more information, contact Shane Baker on 0499 281 356 or email To find out more about the Woodham network, visit

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