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Transport on demand app soars to new heights


Looking for a load? The freight on demand app from TransMissito has you covered.

Free and easy to use, the Brisbane-based business allows transport operators to find additional loads, with truckies paid as soon as it’s delivered. 

Essentially, TransMissito is a booking platform  that facilitates connections between transport operators and customers.

Disruption drives adoption

TransMissito is among the new gig economy start-ups and it’s attempting to change generations of behaviour in the trucking industry by digitising the never-ending work of matching trucks, drivers and goods to get more efficiency into the supply chain process.

Matching whatever needs moving to a truck and a driver has long happened over the phone or via email. Even some of the most sophisticated shippers lean on old-fashioned spreadsheets to track who and what is going where. TransMissito aims to change this process by using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Transport operators can register via a free online portal or via a free download from the app store; and consumers/companies with goods to transport can search the platform for the transport option that best meets their needs. The app geo-searches for available work and loads, as well as any transport on demand requirements.

The unique booking system, which is simple yet effective, allows transporters to collect individual private freight packages while on their usual rounds, maximising returns and creating additional efficiency – essentially backloading/or backfilling.

TransMissito, with its ability to facilitate a ‘meeting’ of consumers and transporters on the same room or platform is ideally placed to connect drivers/operators directly to consumers, benefitting both.

Whether you’re an operator struggling to find work and want instant payment terms, or an operator in search of a constant stream of customers, TransMissito is the app for you.

TransMissito also provides vehicle tracking services so customers can easily track their load while the contract is in session.

“If someone wants to get an additional load, why do they need to phone a broker? With the TransMissito app, they’ll get automatically notified on their phone that a load is available, and they get to choose to accept or decline the incremental earning. Customers, in turn, can just book directly on the platform. For anyone who wants to move freight, with more than half a tonne at a time, TransMissito can help,” said TransMissito founder and CFO Rick Govender.

“From a business point of view, we are pretty much like an Uber-type app, but for freight. There is no other business like this in Australia. We’ve been around for about a year and have developed a great following.”

After only a year in the game, TransMissito is already making a name for itself, with more and more transport operators and companies requiring transport services turning to the platform.

TransMissito is adamant that customers it’s converted are never going back. “We are migrating transport operators  to the cloud and simultaneously migrating customers to the cloud. And there is no way back. TransMissito believes that a shift toward transport on demand automation  is on the cards here in Australia,” added Govender.

Looking ahead, Govender says he has some big plans for his company. He’s currently investigating the possibility of getting TransMissito onto the stock market. “We have an idea and a plan to list the business on the Australian stock market, to capitalise on growth and scale – hopefully later this year,” he said.

“We have engaged a legal team,  engaged stock market brokers and financial advisers who believe it’s a doable task. We’re hoping to get onto the stock market in the last quarter of the year. And if and when we do, our intention is to offer 1000 free shares to the first 1000 truckies who have registered with us. Join the disruption and drive the adoption.” Learn more at

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