Queensland moves quickly to mitigate panic buying


The Queensland Government has lifted delivery curfews during the state’s lockdowns to ensure supermarket shelves remain stocked.

Deputy Premier and Planning Minister Steven Miles said there was no need for panic buying but has taken steps to off-set the inevitable stampedes on the toilet roll aisles.

“The Queensland Government is taking measures to address planning conditions that restrict operating hours of loading docks and distribution centres supplying supermarkets,” Miles said.

“This will ensure drivers and retailers can work around the clock to deliver essentials to Queenslanders.

“We are not running out of products, but need to get products to supermarket shelves as quickly as possible.

“I want to thank our retailers and delivery drivers ensuring we can all get our hands on essentials. I also want to urge Queenslanders not to panic buy.

“We’ve done this before, we have been through lockdowns and restrictions and together we can get through this again.”

Miles said the measures were temporary to respond to consumer demand.

“This provides temporary relief from approval conditions for declared businesses, such as supermarkets and chemists, to restock 24 hours per day, seven days a week,” he said.

“This does not impact retail trading hours.”

The Australian Logistics Council welcomes the Queensland Government’s decision to reapply the temporary planning measures resulting from the snap lockdowns for South East Queensland, Townsville, Magnetic Island and Thursday Island.

“I commend the Queensland Government’s rapid response to have these measures that were recommended by ALC once again put in place in response to the most recent lockdowns,” said interim CEO Rachel Smith.

“The removal of overnight delivery curfews on overnight deliveries to supermarkets and other retail premises including removing bans on heavy vehicles using certain routes ensures shelves are stocked with essential food and groceries, household items such as cleaning supplies and toilet paper, and medical supplies.

“The most recent outbreak in Australia proves just how quickly the situation can evolve and demonstrates the need for permanent relaxation of these outdated restrictions.

“I encourage the government to undertake long term regulatory reform to enable the supply chain to have flexibility to meet the changing demands of the Queensland community to ensure demand is met in times of a crisis.”

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