The stuff of Legends: SAR on sale for one day only

Kenworth Legend SAR

Kenworth fans are in with a chance to own a piece of history in the form of the very limited-edition Legend SAR, which is about to go on sale for just one day.

Launched in celebration of the manufacturer’s 50th anniversary in Australia, the Legend SAR has been gaining a lot of attention despite not yet being available for purchase. But all that’s about to change shortly. On July 8, the order books will be open for just 24 hours.

Visitors to the Brisbane Truck Show in May were given the opportunity to see the Legend SAR in the flesh as it made its public debut. Then that same truck embarked on a tour throughout June as part of Kenworth dealer Brown and Hurley’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

It’s the first Legend since the Legend 900 was released in 2017, and the Legend 950 before it in 2015, and it’s expected to receive a similar response to its predecessors.

A Kenworth bug and Legend SAR logo are embroidered into the leather seats.

The 50th anniversary edition Legend SAR is modelled on the iconic W900SAR, built and sold in Australia from 1975 until 1987. That was the first Kenworth model designed, engineered and built in Australia specifically for Australian operating requirements.

Its sloping bonnet and raised cab position allowed for the first use of under cab battery and toolboxes. The SAR stands for short-bonnet Australian right-hand drive.

The Legend SAR combines the latest technology for safer, cleaner and more productive operation, with features that embrace Kenworth’s heritage.

“The truck not only commemorates 50 years of proudly manufacturing Kenworth trucks in Australia, it symbolises what was a turning point for local design and engineering and the custom-build philosophy that Kenworth is still renowned for today,” said Brad May, director sales and marketing at PACCAR Australia.

“The Legend SAR pays homage to all those that have stood, and stand today, behind the badge of a Kenworth truck. The ones that have helped make Australian-made Kenworths an integral part of the unique Australian landscape.”

A traditional flat dash layout houses a full suite of handmade heritage style chrome-bezelled and white-faced gauges, featuring the traditional Kenworth bug.

Features of the new Legend SAR include traditional doors and door handles, 36” and 50” sleeper cabs options, a two-piece windscreen with chrome trim, heritage Kenworth and Cummins badges with an anniversary edition red and gold traditional italic Kenworth bug, and inside, a diamond pleat trim with ‘Legend SAR 50th Anniversary Edition’ embossed into the rear wall and door trims, along with a wooden plaque on the glove box lid to identify the unique build number of each truck, the Kenworth bug and Legend SAR logo embroidered into the leather seats and a traditional flat dash layout that houses handmade heritage style chrome-bezelled and white-faced gauges.

Under the hood is a Cummins X15 engine, specially painted in beige to commemorate Cummins’ heritage.

To help secure your 50th anniversary edition Legend SAR, contact your dealer now.

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