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Brake for snake: Watch NT truckie clear python from highway


This is how they keep the wheels moving in the Northern Territory when nature tries to block the way.

Popular Darwin-based social media trucking identity Bouta  was carting weaners between properties when he spotted this black-headed python in the middle of the Buntine Highway.

“This little bastard was just cruising up the middle of the road. Not even trying to cross it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Unperturbed by the intruder, Bouta parked up his truck in the road and calmly lifted the reptile safely clear of any potential dangers.

On its website Australia Zoo says wedge-tailed eagles and a variety of kite species will prey upon these reptiles. Habitat destruction and car strikes are also an increasing threat to the survival of the species.

“Great effort pulling up the rig to help the little fella. Love ya work brother,” writes Andrew Walsh in response, one of many to thank Bouta for his kind act.

Bouta was also quick to allay followers’ fears for his safety – this particular species isn’t venomous.

“They won’t hurt you,” he assured fans. “They don’t bother me much [snakes]. I’ve been tagged a few times by the sharp end over the years.”

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