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Bringing joy across the nation

German-born truckie Harpnut Schlie has driven trucks to every mainland Australian state and the NT during his three decades behind the wheel in Australia.

The 71-year-old Schlie works for Melbourne based FJF Amusements which is part of the agricultural show circuit.

When Big Rigs saw him, he was parked up at the BP Cluden Roadhouse fixing some lights on the Kenworth K200 he drives.

During his long career as a driver, Schlie says the mechanical skills he’s picked up have come in very handy at times like this.

“I usually haul a big ferris wheel and am preparing for the Townsville show which commences in two days. We have just been to the Darwin show,” he said.

After this event Schlie would head to shows in Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne and some places in between.

“The worst roads I get along have been between Mount Isa and Rockhampton in Queensland and I refer to them as wobbly. NT roads are far superior,” he said.

Schlie said more rest areas for truckies were required which had toilets.

He enjoyed stopping at the Three Ways Roadhouse in the NT recently. Outside work Schlie is into watching car racing and hopes to do more of that when the current show circuit finishes for the year.

“I came to Australia from Germany as a nine year old boy and love it here,” he said.

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