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Scania’s 7.0-litre is a quiet achiever

Scania’s move into the medium-duty 7.0-litre market with a heavy-duty truck has brought some of the benefits of a larger truck into a smaller model.

The Scania P-series cab features a Euro-6 compliant 6.7-litre six-cylinder engine that produces 280hp and1200 Nm of torque, which is identical to that used with Scania’s bigger five- and six-cylinder engines with outputs up to 450hp.

The 7.0-litre is mated to a direct drive 12-speed gearbox featuring Scania’s two-pedal automated Opticruise gear-changing.

“The Scania 7.0-litre brings all the benefits of a much larger truck’s engineering, safety features and driving comfort to a smaller class of truck than we have offered in recent times,” said Scania Australia product manager Benjamin Nye.

“In an industry where securing competent and reliable drivers is a constant concern for managers, offering a more comfortable and a safer working environment will give Scania operators an edge.

“Our fuel consumption is up to 25% better than traditionally popular trucks in this engine class, and that equates to a significant saving on operating costs. Any operator that says it is not interested in reducing its fuel costs by that sort of margin isn’t likely to remain in business much longer.”

The Scania 7.0-litre offers around 4.0km per litre performance even when loaded. According the manufacturer, other benefits include exceptional steering and braking performance, and reduced vibration and noise.

“Then there’s the significantly improved driveability of the Scania compared with its rivals, with disc brakes all round for greater safety, excellent steering and ride quality and a higher degree of chassis rigidity leading to reduced NVH in the cabin. This directly reduces driver fatigue, leading to safer outcomes on the road for everyone,” added Nye.

“Our active and passive safety systems also help to reduce the potential for accidents or injuries, warning the driver of an impending impact, while the all-steel structure of the cab and our rigorous crash testing prove that in the event of an impact, a Scania cab will protect the driver and passenger like no other.”

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