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Take control of your fleet

Mayika’s GPS tracking solutions and fleet management software is helping transport operators take the management of their vehicles to the next level.

Its end-to-end fleet management solution is specially built for all types of vehicles, heavy to light, to serve all purposes. With Mayika’s GPS tracking solution and fleet management software, enjoy full control of your fleet.

Mayika can provide photo proof for supervisors and clients, which is a popular option for no-contact delivery.

Mayika’s software assists with driver safety and performance; asset tracking and management; fleet tracking and management; job scheduling and dispatch; route optimisation and planning; video telematics; and driver journal for FTC.

Mayika says it offers Australia’s most comprehensive fleet management solution, providing complete control of your vehicles.

Using its knowledge, expertise and experience, Mayika strives to serve its customers by maintaining their vehicle fleets and enhancing their performance on the road.

Mayika is a one-stop vehicle tracking/telematics technology partner. It provides the latest GPS tracking hardware, and user-friendly and highly intuitive software, to help you manage and track your commercial vehicles. Its solutions help save time, money and resources, so transport operators and businesses can focus on their daily operations.

Its fleet vehicle tracking and management solution allows you to connect your fleet and gain total control and visibility, with the latest 4G LTE vehicle trackers and devices paired with Mayika’s world class fleet management software.

Mayika’s asset tracking and management is more than just GPS location. Enjoy profound visibility with HD-tracking, a rich set of GIS tools and maps, and real-time telemetry data. Protect fleet, cargo and equipment from theft or unauthorised use.

In regards to job/delivery management and dispatch, Mayika wants to support businesses in these difficult times. From July 1 to September 1, 2021, it’s offering X-GPS tracker absolutely free of charge to new customers.

Mayika technology can even provide photo proof for supervisors and clients. Enable teams to share their location and current activity by simply tapping the ‘check-in’ button. The location and work results will be proven by the attached pictures.

Photo proof is instrumental for customer service as well. A popular option of no-contact delivery can be easily proven with images that are immediately shared with the supervisor. That’s how deliveries combine customer care and meet service standards.

When it comes to driver safety and performance, Mayika provides fleet managers with powerful tools to have everything under control. Map every event to react fast to accidents and violations by getting real-time alerts and locating drivers on a map. Stay aware of harsh driving by learning about incidents of harsh braking, turns and accelerations online or refer to history records. Users can even monitor excessive idling vehicles to optimise fuel and maintenance costs.

With its advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), train employees to improve safety and reduce fleet costs – by assisting drivers to avoid crashes. Provide drivers with real time in-cab visual and audio alerts to react in time.

Lane Departure Warning instantly warns drivers when he/she veers out of lane, so they can get back on track. Forward Collision Warning prevents forward collision by assessing current speed and distance to an object ahead. While Speed Limit Indication alerts a driver in case of speeding to avoid accidents or fines.

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