Grateful for the support in testing year

The year is half over, and we are still enduring lockdowns, businesses are being forced to close with little warning and reopen with restrictions, so many of them not reopening at all.

If the international borders were to remain closed, surely, we could get Covid under control, and this includes the Prime Minister staying at home in Australia instead of flying off to the G7 and enjoying being a tourist when no one else is even allowed to see their families overseas.

At least we could then travel freely within our own country and look after our local businesses and local jobs.

The continued uncertainty surrounding jobs, businesses and being able to visit family both in your own state and other Australian states is having a detrimental effect on everyone’s mental health. I know that personally I often feel that I am teetering on the edge of the abyss, and it can be exceedingly difficult to keep from going over that edge.

I am lucky to have a job, family, and friends to support me but not everyone has that, and it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Transport Women Australia Limited has started to work with high schools through Inspiring Women Australia to attend career days and expos to expose students to careers in the transport and logistics industry.

With this collaboration with Inspiring Women, we are hoping that we can connect with young women in years 10 through 12 and encourage them to look beyond the careers now being offered to them. We are planning to have a Transport and Logistics Careers Expo held in Melbourne soon. We are very thankful to Inspiring Women Australia, Make Your Move and Training Services NSW for this opportunity.

TWAL is also holding Learning Initiatives Breakfasts, over the next month or so in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne to be followed by the postponed Driving the Difference conference from October 22-24, 2021.

At the conference, we will be presenting the 2021 Trish Pickering Memorial Award, holding our Annual General Meeting and we are also hopeful of launching our new website.

The Driving the Difference show on Import Export TV has come to an end after six episodes, but you can still catch those episodes on the IETV app, the Import Export channel or via YouTube. 

I will be launching a new show in late July or early August called Talking Transport on Import Export TV, the new show will be bringing you stories from Australia and around the world. We have some very exciting shows planned for you.

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