Rock to Rock convoy is on its way

The truckies behind the Rock to Rock convoy to raise money for Parkinson’s WA set off on their 3000 kilometre trip from Geraldton on Friday.

John Marriott, Jamie Morrison, Michael ‘Kingy’ King and Mick Burnett got into their restored WWII military trucks – a 1945 Chevrolet Blitz, a 1944 6×6 Studebaker and the 1963 International Acco that was recovered on a recent episode of Outback Truckers – and began making their way.

They will head to Mt Augustus and then head on over to Uluru, re-enacting the wartime journey of convoys during WWII.

The trip began at Bunnings Geraldton, with many coming along to see them off. The truckie mates soon arrived at their first stop in Murchison, around 350km away, though have been held up due to rain. They are hoping to get back on the road tomorrow to continue on their way to Mt Augustus.

To follow their trip, click here.

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