$330 million of road upgrades for the Kimberley

Over $330 million of road projects are either underway or planned for the Kimberley region, including $180 million of upgrades to Great Northern Highway.

Eight kilometres of Great Northern Highway, between Ord River and Tickalara Creek has already been upgraded, with work recently starting on the next 11 kilometre section.

Planning is underway for additional works, including an additional six kilometres of highway and upgrades to Tickalara Bridge and Frog Hollow Bridge.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti recently visited to view the progress on the Great Northern Highway Upgrade project at Ord River.

The $98.14 million Ord River North project is jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments and will see priority sections of the highway and bridges upgraded in a bid to improve safety and efficiency.

In the first month of construction, May 2021, nearly 16 per cent of the project’s workforce comprised Aboriginal people, with just over six per cent being local Aboriginal people. Mentoring is being provided by local Aboriginal business Dadaru to create a support system and team culture.

“I am so proud that these projects have a strong focus on Aboriginal employment and training opportunities, as well as providing opportunities for Aboriginal contractors,” said Kimberley MLA Divina D’Anna.

“We have a strong focus on Aboriginal employment and training opportunities, with a target of 30 per cent of Aboriginal employment on our Ord River North project,” added Saffioti.

“With more people visiting our northern regions during the school holidays, these upgrades are providing a safe road network to ensure that freight can be transported safely, whilst Western Australians can see the beauty of the Kimberley.”

Other major projects currently planned or under construction in the Kimberley include:

  • Upgrades to the single lane Arthur Creek Bridge;
  • Planning underway to upgrade four floodways to bridges south of Ord River;
  • Planning for upgrades to all single lane bridges at Willare Crossing and Fitzroy Crossing on the Great Northern Highway in the West Kimberley as well as upgrades to substandard sections of highway between Broome and Fitzroy Crossing;
  • Planning for upgrades to Great Northern Highway through the East Kimberley is continuing and will include the removal of all single lane bridges between Ord River and Bow River;
  • $25.8 million committed by the State and Federal Governments to upgrade sections of Great Northern Highway between Broome and Derby including the upgrade of 15 kilometres near Deep Creek east of Broome, 18 kilometres near Logue River and a further two kilometres near Derby at Wonjil;
  • More than $21 million committed to the Kimberley as part of the Regional Road Safety Program in 2021-22. This has enabled low cost upgrades to be undertaken on 740 kms of various sections of Great Northern Highway and Victoria Highway;
  • $15 million jointly funded Broome Cape Leveque Road project;
  • $42.75 million jointly funded Tanami Road upgrade;
  • $51.3 million jointly funded Duncan Road and Gordon Downs Road upgrade;
  • $18.3 million Moonamang Road upgrade.

“Many of these projects are either under construction or in planning phases and will lead to a pipeline of work across the Kimberley,” added Saffioti.

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